Anna Sebastian draws on her research into voodoo, science-fiction and occultism to create works of both painting of drawing - familiar but distorted. 

She is inspired by the image of the family and the home; an allegory of unattainability and uncanniness - interpreted from a child's eye. 

More recent work has focussed on the blurred lines between the fantastical and the accustomed.

As a partcipicant of the the "2015 Port au Prince Ghetto Biennale", Anna explored the history of "Vodou" as a powerful influence and congregation of arists. Participants formed a community of disparate people, making a statement about oppression and over-publicized media; an idea intended to be feared, exoticized and ultimately dismissed in common mythology. 

Sebastian constructs large scale works which explore a mirror to our current existence. Influences from 1960's film, art history and early twentieth century literature draws her audience into a parallel world composed of dark matter and childhood dreams. 

Anna Sebastian grauated from Goldsmiths College and the Royal Drawing School in 2010. Previous solo exhibitions include Homesession Gallery (Barcelona), DOX Gallery (Prague) and the Ghetto Biennale in Haiti (Port Au Prince).