Andrea Garcia Vasquez

This exhibition is an inventory of the marks and traces I have made in places together with the marks and traces that places have left on me. Topographical representations and geological perspectives investigating interconnections between man and landscape.

The textile maps with line and text compositions interpret my own memory of movement and understanding of orientation. They are not accurate according to a map, rather, they express a creative cartography; mapping the way it felt as I traversed at the time. The ‘key’ on some maps show the captivated elements which define my experience.

The use of graphs and data categorization is another method and attempt to exhibit experience without imagery or color. The viewers may create their own storylines of what’s happening within each piece. Concepts of mobility, geography, and mental state can be found throughout this exhibition.

A video projection of collaged moving scenery recorded from my iPhone provoke a situation of timelessness and placelessness. Most of the footage is recorded from car windows as I traveled through the USA, Europe, Lebanon, and South Korea. The combination of the different environments are juxtaposed with a hypothetical small-talk conversation from two people who shared a history and accidentally met. The video aims to portray the intricacies of our behavior towards each other and compare it to our behavior towards landscape. It is a contemplation about how or what we observe while discovering and traveling through different habitats.

Can a human psychological experience be correspondent with the psychology of the urban or natural environment? How different are we from the nature we came from or move towards? How influential is nature when reflecting on my own existence and displacement? Am I running because I need to, want to, or because the slope of the mountain is far too steep for me to simply walk down?

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