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You Are Being Manipulated



We see every day hundreds if not thousands of ads on TV, streets, buses, internet – even on the clothes we wear. Our curiosity is stimulated, desires and needs are created. We are saturated with cravings to the point where fulfilling our manufactured desires does not even give us pleasure, but only a temporary release.

The exhibition by Miriam van Beurden and Kalle Kuikkaniemi explores manipulation, advertising and human interaction by means of photography, video and social experiments.

Working from a subjective point of view, Kalle Kuikkaniemi walks city streets, photographing the absurd of everyday life. He studies the behavior of people in urban environments based on the marks they leave behind them, such as texts, images and trash. Kalle Kuikkaniemi holds a Bachelor of Design (Photography) from AKV|St.Joost (the Netherlands) and a Bachelor of Culture and Arts from TAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Art & Media (Finland).

With a seemingly scientific approach, Miriam van Beurden observes the behavior of people, alone and in groups. Her methodical approach, neutral framing of the subject and using only a single take are distinctive elements of her video work. Miriam van Beurden holds a Bachelor of Design (Photography) from AKV|St.Joost (the Netherlands).


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