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Strings Attached

STRINGS ATTACHED 01-02. JUNE 2013, The WYE, Berlin from Amrei Andrasch on Vimeo.


An interactive Net-work, a live installation

On Saturday the 25th of May, countless artists and creatives will come together to take a large-scale group “Klassenfoto” style photograph. The result will be exhibited the following weekend, visualizing a moment depicting the richness of Berlin’s current thriving art scene in all its complex diversity and constant, inspiring fluctuation.

The following weekend, on the 1st and 2nd of June, this photo will be shown to the public in the main exhibition room at the WYE. Hanging gloves, each individually designed by artists, are placed throughout the room. The people who attended the picnic form the core, or nucleus, of the network and will be the first to express themselves through the glove as personal “profiles”. After the first profiles are positioned, artists of all kinds are invited to create their own gloves and connect themselves to friends and strangers alike by connecting strings indicating both already existing and possible future working relationships. The idea is to build a tangible, visceral network of artists; a web that moves and transforms as more and more participants become involved, just as it happens in real life. Finally, the 350 m2 room will be filled with a living, breathing representation of the connections that have already formed and those that will shape Berlin’s creative community.

To initiate the community art project on June 1st, a range of local and international artists will present their talents and rounds of “artistic speed-dating”, where creative professionals have the chance to meet one another in hopes of developing relationships and collaborating on innovative projects and exchanges, will take place. In addition, one entire room at the Wye will be wallpapered in corkboard, serving as an bulletin board for anyone wanting to expand their network and offer their services without necessarily designing a glove, but still enjoying the more personal touch of handwriting and the idea of the physical “Schwarzes Brett”. So often people live and work in the same area and mutually helpful fields, but their paths have, for one reason or another, never crossed. Strings Attached brings people who might not otherwise know each other in touch so the possibilities for new, exciting collaborations may develop.

For non-participants, the exhibition is an experience, a possibility to meet the many people who make up Berlin’s vibrant creative scene and a chance to witness them at work/play as they collaboratively create this living installation, maybe even inspiring them to take a peek out of their accustomed routines and habits to risk pursuing a dream. Also, it is a visual representation of the “Seven Degrees of Separation” phenomenon. Visitors and participants will discover connections they may not have known existed, thereby sparking a conversation between strangers based on a well-known icebreaker: “So, how do you know such-and-such?”

Curated by Jenn Kelly (Everyone is from Somewhere Festival), Verity Oberg (Retramp Gallery), Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (Artist-Profiler/Songwriter) and Samantha Wareing (Sofa Salon), STRINGS ATTACHED is a celebration, a happening and a moment of appreciation for the creatives who make up the city of Berlin as it exists right now.

Saturday 25 May. Picnic at 15:00. Photo at 17:00. Görlizer Park, near Edelweiss. Görlitzer Straße 1, 10997 Berlin.
Saturday & Sunday 1. and 2. June, 16:00 – 22:00. The WYE, Skalitzer Str. 86, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg (36)


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