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“Power is a word the meaning of which we do not understand.” Leo Tolstoy

Stay still! Fear me! Control yourself! Help people! Sing! Be cool! Relax! Obey! Suffer! Transform! Enjoy sex! Hurry up! Increase! Love! Dance! Simplify! Prosper! Stay! Improve! Raise kids! Conform! Don’t get mad! Crush people! Calm down! Spy! Listen! Slow down! Inform! Be thin! Respect your elders! Grow up! Decrease! Be happy! Have sex! Stay positive! Resist! Stay ignorant! Stop! Dream! Multitask! Love yourself! Eat! Get out there! Stay ignorant! Go! Respect other opinions! Live! Be open! Start! Diet! Progress! Stay young! Be yourself! Die! Respect the rules! Don’t play with yourself! Don’t have sex! Have kids! Respect differences! Love your parents! Be true to yourself! Be productive! Produce! Reproduce! Teach kids! Learn! Explore your sexuality! Flourish! Daydream! Be fat! Don’t touch yourself! Succeed! Respect leaders!

“Silence” is a performative installation exploring the potential power we have over each other. For eight days, eight hours each day, I will be installed in the gallery window and negotiate power between myself and the audience through only my gaze.




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