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Reisen Durch Das Objektiv

Vier Fotografen folgen den Spuren ihrer Beobachtungsreisen durch unterschiedliche Orte und Situationen. Obwohl sie eigenständige Wege gehen, gibt es Gemeinsamkeiten in ihren Aktionen – sie verpflichten sich aufzuzeichnen, den Lebensspuren nachzugehen und zu erinnern. Ihre Arbeiten stoßen die Fragen nach Identität, Perspektive und Verwandlung durch Annäherung an.

Four photographers trace their journeys of observation through disparate locations and situations. Although following unique paths, a commonality exists in action – they are compelled to record, to trace and to remember. Their works raise questions of identity, perspective and transformation through exploration.

TANYA DYHIN is an Australian artist currently based in Berlin. Working across photomedia and installation her work seeks to engage the audience in questions of the self, the nature of perception and the human experience. In ‘Reisen durch das Objektiv’, Dyhin presents images from the ongoing series ‘Any Place But Here’, a collection of photographs shot on film during extensive travel throughout Europe. In contrast to her conceptually based work which interrogates traditional notions of the photographic medium as indexical and a referent of reality, in this series Dyhin reflects on her journey as a lens based artist and considers the medium’s capacity to serve as a device of memory and a recording of time and place. (

KATRINA JAMES is a photographer. Her work is of a documentary nature and requires very little description. Born in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia she is now based in Berlin, Germany. In 2005 Katrina had a hurricane named after her, she strives to embrace the veracious attitude and awesome power of that event and project it into her current work.

MERIAAM MIKHAIL is an Australian photographer and stylist based in Berlin. She works across the areas of travel, fashion and portraiture. Mikhail is inspired by destinations, events, the fashion world, street photography and the people she encounters through her work and travel. In ‘Reisen durch das Objektiv’, Mikhail presents images from her travels in Krakow Poland. Observing the elderly community in Krakow, Mikhail was intrigued and saw Krakow through the diverse perspectives of this tested and experienced community.

MICHELLE O’BRIEN is a photographer, curator, arts manager, and researcher. She has curated and produced events for cultural organisations and festivals across Australia, UK, USA, Germany and Canada, including Sydney Festival, Edinburgh Festival, transmediale Berlin, BAM NYC and New Forms, Vancouver. O’Brien’s photography is focused on travel, documentary and street photography, as well as abstract photography as artform. Born in Sydney, she is currently based in Berlin. In Reisen durch das Objektiv, O’Brien presents images from her series Oudezijds Voorburgwal 147, shot in Amsterdam’s red light district in 2012. The series is based around themes of introspection in foreign environments, and the isolation of personal voyages into the unknown.

CURATOR: Meriaam Mikhail





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