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Eu Sun Ko – Mach Das Nicht, Wenn Deine Mama Nein Gesagt Hat

21 Juli 2015


Blaz Cuk – Fashion show

Blaz Cuk is taking ReTramp gallery for his third participation in Berlin Fashion Week.

Presentation of new collection.

Pop-up store and show room will be open every day from 11.00 – 21.00.

Closing party on Saturday till 10 PM.

Come say hallo and bring your friends – spread the word!!

Thank you for the support in advance.

More info:

Flower Shop by Akin

February 14 2016

Cunts N Roses

Porn kitsch and campy puns brought alive in the Valentin Special Flowershop by Akin.
(Oldschool Collage Techniques meet MS Paint meets Print meets Carton meets ZineArt)

Nosherei by OPAL

May 1 2015

Das Fest aller Feste in Berlins Eventkalender steht vor der Tür. Pünktlich zum ersten Mai stellt euch das Team hinter den Kulissen von Thai & Techno nun die – Nosherei – vor. Ein Takeaway Deli Pop Up Shop der die hungrige Meute während den ersten Mai Feierlichkeiten mit Köstlichkeiten versorgt.

Die Nosherei, zu Gast in der ReTramp Gallery, wird vorallem Old School Snacks servieren: Gourmet Sandwich Toasties, Waffeln sowie süffige Cocktails.

Das Pop-Up Event wird einen chilligen Block Party Vibe versprühen, so das Ihr entweder verweilen oder einfach einen Snack auf die Hand nehmen könnt. Ganz wie ihr wollt.

Ein OPAL Event wäre natürlich nichts ohne die richtige Musik. Unser Lineup für den Tag: Kim Bergstrand, Steve Duncan und Ray Pham.

Außerdem stellen wir euch zwei fantastische Künstler vor: Disegnini Brutti ( und
Jill Castillo (, die ihre Illustrationen, Ölgemälde und Installationen bei uns ausstellen.

For the biggest party on Berlin’s calendar, the team behind Thai & Techno are introducing – Nosherei – a deli takeaway pop up shop to keep the crowds fuelled during the May 1st celebrations.

Nosherei, located at ReTramp gallery, will serve up old-school snacks including gourmet toasted sandwiches, waffles and quirky cocktail classics.

The pop up is set to have a chilled, block-party vibe so visitors can hang out for the day or just drop-in for a feed.

An OPAL event is never complete without music. The Nosherei lineup includes: Kim Bergstrand, Steve Duncan and Ray Pham.

Nosherei will also feature two fine artists including…
Disegnini Brutti ( and
Jill Castillo (, who will exhibit their illustrations, oil paintings and installations on the day.

Nosherei is the first of many food and drink pop ups to come this summer by the Opal team.

A Fine Line

A Fine Line

Februar 26 – 28

New Works by:
Adrian Rötzscher
Esther Samuels-Davis
Amy Alexander

Steven Paul Taylor

Body Work by EVBG

15 January 2016

Tomorrow night, ReTramp will present an evening of BODY WORK. This being, the second installation of their ongoing video and film screenings presented by EVBG. EBVG is a venture formed by both Marie Beckmann and Julie Gaspard, dedicated to ‘curious’ work, sometimes related to FOMO, JOMO, feminism, expectation and other musings. This particular evening will feature works from four different artists – Rachel Maclean, Shana Moulton, Heather Phillipson and Julie Verhoeven.

To be honest, they’ve put together quite a nice description, so we’ll hand this off to them:

The female body is never considered clean. It sweats, it bleeds, it grows hair, it smells. It requires constant care and work. It is either categorically filthy or idealised and pure. Since the 19th century, women have become agents and objects of what historian Kathleen Brown defines as “body work“: cleaning, healing and caring practices which not only keep the body clean but also reflect changing notions of health, class and gender. Social anthropologist Mary Douglas stated that dirt, as well as taboo body fluids such as menstrual blood, are eliminated in cleansing rituals, because they depict “matter out of place“, a sign of chaos and unsettlement. Time and money is spent to put the matter into place, to purify and modify. The female body is understood to be “out of control“, a woman who does not partake in “body work“ is letting herself go. The featured film and video pieces in BODY WORK explore images and imageries of the female body in multiple ways, examining what it means to work with and on the female body.

Kurzweil – Kristin Hoell

27 November 2015

Kristin Hoell // Kurzweil

Fotografien 2009 – 2015

Die Dinge flackern für einen Moment vor der Kamera auf, im Stillstand gebannt, doch längst vorbei – zuckende Blitze von Klarheit im nicht endenden Fluss, festgefroren, um wieder und wieder kontempliert zu werden. Stillstand in Zeit und Raum, doch längst in der Vergangenheit verschwommen. Stumme Zeugnisse eines Einstigen im Jetzt, konkret und zugleich abstrakt.
Innerhalb dieser Pole positioniert sich die Soloausstellung Kurzweil von Kristin Hoell. Die Berliner Fotografin präsentiert Arbeiten, die einen eigenwilligen Rhythmus zwischen Realität und Traum tanzen.

Old Dogs New Tricks

April 8

Andrea Hartinger & Heiko Sievers


Vagabond – Paracosm

June 15 2016

Vagabond is a creative agency and collective born from two California natives, Angela Tolosa and Aaron Garner. With a focus on art direction, branding and illustration they design for musicians, local businesses and creative individuals. As artists they work in various mediums and hold group shows together. Their latest exhibition at the ReTramp Gallery in Berlin will feature work that ranges from surreal, nostalgic illustrations to cosmic, psychedelic watercolor paintings.

Group art show with our friends Temi Adeniy, Aaron Garner, Jeremie Montero, Zoe Remund, Sidy & Angela Tolosa.