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No Manners by NADFLY

May 28 2016


NO MANNERS began as an artistic collaboration between Nicola Atkinson and Benedikt Hermannsson, The instruments are individually unique porcelain bowls, varied in size and irregular in shape. These have been produced by NADFLY Director Nicola Atkinson over the period of a year. Trained musicians are invited use arrangements of these music bowls to play with the idea of musical production, in one-off performances in artistic cities worldwide.

Each bowl is unique, and the absence of standardisation in the instruments supports an intuitive and spontaneous approach to performance. Musicians discover tones and effects through trial and experimentation. NO MANNERS encourages discovery without the restrictions that are present when using conventional instrumentation. To play with these bowls is to experiment with them; the two processes cannot be separated. Each musician begins by sampling the tones and effects that each bowl offers. As they do so, they can arrange the bowls into groups and patterns to suit their choice of expression, and develop these as they continue. These arrangements reflect the identity of each musician and their personal artistic process. There is no defined beginning to the music, as the discovery of the instruments is an integral part of what is made. The approach precludes the use of prepared music and places experimentation and expression as the product.

The form supports an intuitive and spontaneous form of performance that is largely innocent of the burdens of received knowledge. This presents trained musicians with both a conflict and an opportunity. They are liberated from the form of preparation, education and practice, and enabled to produce through spontaneity. The performances, art directed by NADFLY, create a powerful experience for musicians and audience, and create relationships through the collaborative process that is the heart of NO MANNERS.






Retramp Gallery, Neukolln, 28th May 2016

Our Berlin performance was a fantastic event held at Retramp, a gallery established in 2010 in a converted shopfront space. A great turnout supported an intense two-part performance, followed by excited conversation about the work for a couple hours in the hot street outside.

NADFLY would like to thank the participating musicians in Berlin:
David Kristjansson
Rowan Coupland
Bastian Hagedorn
Jessica Fabre


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