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Lost Aliens – Lovis Trummer


Photography Exhibition


Berlin-based photographer Lovis Trummer takes you on an atmospheric journey through forgotten places. Lose yourself in her work, that focuses on the strikingly displaced, a world in which the borders of pleasing aesthetics shift and blur. This photo spread is about the friction between beauty and deterioration, about disruption and distortion.

It shows the ferocity of getting lost and takes a free perspective towards fashion photography. It is not about the beauty of comfort and symmetry, but about the creases in dresses and cracks in walls, and the brazen defiance on the faces of those who stand against smooth superficiality.

By Lovis Trummer at ReTramp Gallery, Berlin.
Instagram: lovis_photography

Vernissage: Friday, February 17th 2017
Exhibition: February 17-19th 2017
Opening Times: Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm


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