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Joy Of Missing Out by EVBG

JOMO (joy of missing out) is the first installation of an ongoing series of video and film screenings presented by EVBG. Create a place for yourself, by yourself. How does it feel? What does it look like? How does it smell? Lean into boredom. Thoughts float. Time passes. There’s a certain quality in being alone, retreating from the world. Neoliberalism teaches mindfulness and meditation just for the sake of increasing productivity, being up and ready again, to be present and to present yourself. JOMO is about not caring. It’s about joyfully missing out. It’s about returning to oneself, to a place of freedom, curiosity and playfulness, to explore and create objects, movement, narration, and subjectivity.

With works by Luis Arnias (Boston/US) Sophie Macpherson (Glasgow/UK, Berlin/DE) Stephanie Mann (Edinburgh/UK).

'Deep Dancing', 6 mins 4 secs, digital video, colour and sound, 2010. from Sophie Macpherson on Vimeo.

'A Series of Movements', 4 mins 34 secs, 16mm, colour and sound, 2011. from Sophie Macpherson on Vimeo.

Sand Hands (low res) from Stephanie Mann on Vimeo.

Two Scene Boing from Stephanie Mann on Vimeo.

Luis Arnias: Milk from S on Vimeo.


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