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In The Time Fold – Melanie Garland and Luc Berger



Uneasy memories are hiding in the edges of time folds, like the gritty stuff wedged in the fold of a garment’s pocket.

Between piles of paper, Melanie & Luc actively search for traces and small fragments of visible memory data, snippets of history, trails of the clock’s dial. Photos and drawings receive an additional dimension by hand-colouring, marking and hacking them to bring out inherent, relevant yet formerly hidden details.
Cut-up and folded images, some seemingly timeless, some already corroded and bleached out seem like projections from the past. Old meets new, time itself seems to be folded into a sort of silver and ink puff pastry collage.
The works act as a probe that short-cuts
through layers of events, leaving semi-automatic scribbles and silver grains here and there, visible both now and then.

Photos by Artists.






















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