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Fuck Fest

Pornography has transformed our most basic understandings of human sexuality. More and more our
fascination with with sex orbits around the the axis of the observed, even within the act of sex itself.

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of women have fears about how their bodies will look during sex that
dramatically affect their libidos.

When did sex become more about watching, photographing or taping the moment rather than the
moment itself? Why are we so fascinated by the sex lives of others? How is this trend towards voyeurism changing our our perceptions about sex as a society and our sex lives as individuals?

In the tradition of art that engages the spectacle and produces a distilled moment of aestheticized
interaction, Fuck Fest offers a performative installation exploring the shifting paradigms of human sexuality through a humorous, charming, and thoroughly non-threatening look at bunnies.

Within the gallery space at ReTramp, live rabbits will be installed in a large and comfortable pen. The light in the space will be dim, and a record player will accompany the installation with the soundtrack from some thoroughly sexy 1960s and 70s soft-core porn soundtracks. The rabbits will be going about the business of daily life; and perhaps, getting down to business.

You’ve heard the phrase “fucking like rabbits,” but will these rabbits actually spend their time fucking? Will
people come to watch? We’ll see. Whether or not the rabbits actually end up fucking is tangential to the
larger question of our increasingly voyeuristic relationship with sex. Let’s think about how we look at sex,
let’s explore pornography with bunnies.

The Artist

Hannah Nelson-Teutsch is a sculptor and installation artist who has exhibited widely across the United States, Canada and Europe. The artist has held solo shows at in Berlin, Prague and Vancouver and participated in numerous group shows at the Swell Gallery & Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco, McKee Sculpture Garden in Florida, ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Kreuzberg Pavilion and Deutsche Bank
Kunsthalle in Berlin. Forthcoming exhibitions include a group show at St. Georg in September and a solo
exhibition at HB55 in early 2014.




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