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Die Zeit des Hyperexpressionismus & Vera Wilde

After the exhibition in Rome (Tevere Art Gallery) and Macerata (Laboratorio 41), Hyperexpressionism arrives in Berlin. Hyperexpressionism is a new artistic movement that embraces painting, sculpture and video art. It was born in Italy in 2016 through the intuition of the art critic David Miliozzi. In an age of rampant computer digitalisation, Hyperexpressionism seeks to emphasise the increasing loneliness of the human being and on her suffering, through a return to the roots of expressiveness. Art then becomes a privileged instrument with which to overexpress our daily schizophrenic contradictions, and places its focus on artwork, on the artist and on his inner experience. (Only July 11)

Also showing: Vera Wilde
“As is apparent from my interdisciplinary path, the influences that mean the most to me come from very different worlds. Poetry, especially by clarion-calling American poetesses in the shadow poet tradition like Edna St. Vincent Millay and Mary Oliver informs all my work. Political philosophy and psychology by writers like Plato, Epictetus, Shakespeare (the best psychologist in history), William James, and Ibsen also informs my work. Thus my valuation of dialogue, experiments, and the valid tension between truth-telling and peace-making that so many of Ibsen’s characters struggle with.” (July 11 – 15)
















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  2. Oh how wonderful, RuneE! It looks very celestial and beautiful. (If I had been there I would have thought it was a visitation of tall giraffe-angels!)Winter Solstice greetings to you, and hooray for the longer days!

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