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Category Archives: Webfinds

The Diver

My friend is in a movie, as a shark man. Check it out, it’s weird: The Diver from Hanna Elina on Vimeo.


Textile Art Webfinds

Two wonderful finds on the internets this week. I’m super into textiles at the moment, if you can’t tell. Erin M. Riley is having a show at Soze Gallery in Los Angeles, it runs until March 21. Great stuff. and, check this out, ! I wish I did it. But Diane Meyer did, and wonderfully […]


I came across two pieces of art that the purchaser actually makes, the artist just has the idea and ships the materials needed, both are very easy to complete. The first one might be considered craft by some: more on that here. and then there’s this ambitious project: more on that here.

XStitch TED talk

Video Dump

Inspired by the new year, I’ve been cleaning out my various bookmarking files. So here’s a collection of videos that may or may not be of interest. THE GAP by Ira Glass from Daniel Sax on Vimeo.

Davey Boy

Hey look, it’s my lovely and thoughtful neighbour and artist Dave The Chimp! More here. Dave the Chimp @ARTvergnuegen from Wiethe Group GmbH on Vimeo.

Artist Updates and Stuff

Karl made a mural in Moscow and it was featured on Brooklyn Street Art! David Deery is bring his Zine back as a blog! and finally, This is a cool tumblr.

Sola Fielder – Tapestry

Amazing stuff. More here.

Augmented Reality Adbusting

Mission Incognito – Jim Avignon

Watch it.