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Body Work by EVBG

15 January 2016

Tomorrow night, ReTramp will present an evening of BODY WORK. This being, the second installation of their ongoing video and film screenings presented by EVBG. EBVG is a venture formed by both Marie Beckmann and Julie Gaspard, dedicated to ‘curious’ work, sometimes related to FOMO, JOMO, feminism, expectation and other musings. This particular evening will feature works from four different artists – Rachel Maclean, Shana Moulton, Heather Phillipson and Julie Verhoeven.

To be honest, they’ve put together quite a nice description, so we’ll hand this off to them:

The female body is never considered clean. It sweats, it bleeds, it grows hair, it smells. It requires constant care and work. It is either categorically filthy or idealised and pure. Since the 19th century, women have become agents and objects of what historian Kathleen Brown defines as “body work“: cleaning, healing and caring practices which not only keep the body clean but also reflect changing notions of health, class and gender. Social anthropologist Mary Douglas stated that dirt, as well as taboo body fluids such as menstrual blood, are eliminated in cleansing rituals, because they depict “matter out of place“, a sign of chaos and unsettlement. Time and money is spent to put the matter into place, to purify and modify. The female body is understood to be “out of control“, a woman who does not partake in “body work“ is letting herself go. The featured film and video pieces in BODY WORK explore images and imageries of the female body in multiple ways, examining what it means to work with and on the female body.


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