PPR002 & Sätty (Wilfried Podriech)

As Jesper Ryom turns the page into what is the second chapter of the Power Plant Records´ story, Retramp is glad to be part of a story of it’s own with love, music and art together with Power Plant Records.

The new exciting Berlin based Swedish vinyl only imprint Power Plant Records will on the 27th of May host a label night at Retramp art gallery to celebrate the new release of the 12” single from Jesper Ryom, “Nature boy Ep”. With an exhibition of Sätty and performances by La Fleur, Fulast and Dj Nibc this will be one spring flower worth seizing.

La Fleur launched her Power Plant imprint into the stratosphere in 2010 with her certified hit, the Flowerhead EP. To follow in the footsteps of the Flowerhead EP would be no easy task. But it’s one that the young Danish talent Jesper Ryom takes in his stride with his redefined musical universe. Power Plant’s label head La Fleur steps up for the remix of the A side’s “Godt Begyndt” and deftly transitions it from a midsummer haze to a sunset house groove.

For Power Plant with it’s branches within Music, Art and Couture, Visual arts has always been an integral part of the Power Plant Records aesthetics and the Nature Boy Ep´s name is directly inspired by the artwork that graces its cover - ´Nature boy´, by visionary illustrator and collagist Wilfried Podriech Sätty (1939-1982). In the late 1940s he played among the surrealistic ruins of buildings bombed during WWII.

He later immigrated to San Francisco in 1961, where he lived in North Beach, the centre of the West Coast Beat scene. Soon after the Hippie culture erupted, in 1965, he began creating psychedelic posters with images combined with intricate patterns drawn in ink. He also began making collages with images cut from magazines. Influenced by Max Ernst, he soon began composing illustrations with lithographic images cut from 19th Century books and newspapers. In the early 1970s Rolling Stone magazine published two books of his collages, and he illustrated a scholar’s book on the Dracula myth, and also a book of stories by Edgar Allen Poe. Sätty’s art has been included in many exhibitions at prominent Museums in the US, in Belgrade and Warsaw.

The first glimpse at Sätty’s illustrations gave La Fleur a clear connection between “Nature boy” and the artistic work of Jesper Ryom which now with his talent for infusing the natural environment with a sense of the surreal is carried on here in spirit, in the quirkily electronic stylings of Jesper Ryom´s Power Plant debut.