Retramp and Expath have teamed up and are now offering coaching specifically FOR ARTISTS!




We know (and are) German and we know the system. Contact us for a coaching to help you along each step of the path, including:

How to get to know the "art scene" in Berlin including networking, promotion and introductions

Coaching on how to present your portfolio and work to galleries and which galleries might be an option for you

Understanding the requirements and doing the paperwork for permits, health insurance, banking, utilities, etc.

Coaching on how to find job openings, apply for work, and ace job interviews

Dealing with problems with utilities, landlord, government offices, etc.

Advising you on how to find an apartment/WG

Writing a CV or cover letter in German

Any other requests – just ask!

For more information, please visit the expath website or email me at info@retramp.com.